• Four Signs that your Brand is Losing you Money

    Bad Branding can lose you customers and leads. Here are for signs that your brand is losing you money: Your brand has spelling variations. Are there many different ways to spell your brand name? If so, potential customers will have a hard time finding your brand online. These lost customers translate to lost dollars. You …

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  • Brand Name Breakdown: The 25 Biggest Tech Companies with Infographic

    Using data from Forbes.com, we broke down the brand names of the 25 biggest tech companies of 2016 and made an infographic:

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  • Four Methods for Picking a Business Name

    Picking a business name can be a tough task. In this modern world, virtually all businesses are internet businesses so you will want to own the .com domain name that goes with your business name. Unfortunately, there are not many good domain names left and a growing venture should pick a brand name that is …

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